OKSV 1122 MM 5x7 SKRP (1122 SS 24)

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A=22,00 mm; B=14,10 mm; C=3,00 mm, sterling silver (AG-925)

Height Width Length Diameter Dedicated to Thickness of the plate Wire thickness Thickness Inner jumpring diameter Outside jumpring diameter Inner tube diameter Outside tube diameter Thickness Hole diameter Additional The size of the hole Dedicated to the category Number of holes Shape Polished 925 stamp in the back Diameter of the hole for the stone External link size Internal link size
EAN13: 35424
Package: 0.730g (1 pcs)
Pieces in package: 1 pcs
Weight of one piece: 0.73 g
Dedicated to:

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Silver components dedicated to the stones in 1122 SS 24

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