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Category: Hotfix Settings

Hotfix Settings - Section contains high quality SILVEXCRAFT® bases for all SWAROVSKI Hotfix products: Crystal Mesh Standard, Crystal Mesh XL, Crystal Mesh Metallisée, Crystal Pearl Mesh, Crystal Aerial Mesh, Crystal Mesh Motives, Crystal Transfabric, Crystaltex Chaton Motives, Crystaltex Motives, Crystaltex Bandings Motives, Crystaltex Bandings & Crystaltex-it Bandings, Crystal Transfabric, Crystal Rocks, Crystal Fabric, Hotfix Transfers, Crystal Tattoo & Crystal-IT!, Crystaltex-it Motives, Crystal Fabric-it Bandings, Crystal Fabric-it Motives, Crystaltex Bandings & Crystaltex-it Bandings, Crystaltex-it Bandings Motives, Crystaltex-it Chaton Motives and all Flat Backs stones with thermo-active glue (called hotfix - HF).

Our products are made of original luxurious Italian ALCANTARA® (0,6 mm) together with special 100% polyester fabric (1.2 mm). The thickness of our high quality hotfix settings is about 2 mm.




From: $2.14 / 1pcs

Out of stock - longer execution time