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A=6,30 mm; B=16,30 mm, sterling silver (AG-925)

EAN13: 17977
Package: 0.820g (2 pcs)
Pieces in package: 2 pcs
Weight of one piece: 0.41 g

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Available in large quantities


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More Info

Absolutely new product in SILVEXCRAFT's offer – the finding that has never been available before

It is dedicated to SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 1088 SS 29

Polished Sterling silver 925, nickel-free.

Advantages of the product:

- very high quality

- deep findings bases which makes the stones perfectly fitting to the edges

We deeply encourage you to make orders!


The finding is available in three options:


Silver 925 – silver finding 925.


Sterling silver 925 RH – rhodium plated sterling silver components. They are characterized by high quality and best durability. Thanks to rhodium-plating, the risk of silver yellowing and tarnishing is significantly reduced. Rhodium plated silver supplies are resistant to any discolorations. Apart from that, they are a little bit darker than sterling silver findings 925 without rhodium-plating and perfectly resemble white gold.


Silver 925 AU (gold-plated) –  sterling silver components plated with 24 carat gold. There are two layers of gold plating: base and final. Thanks to this method, gold plating is much more durable.

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