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Sklep Silvexcraft

We are constantly changing for you

Dear Customers! Due to the dynamic development of our company, we decided to refresh the Silvexcraft brand profile.

Concern about professionalism has become a step towards further changes. We invite you to read the details.

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Sklep Silvexcraft

Magic-Glos - 1 fl.oz. (28,34 g)

Product details


Magic-Glos™ cures in sunlight or under UV lamp for about ~15 minutes. The product is highly transparent. You can apply the gloss onto the beads, metals, photos, colorful projects, leaves, etc.  You can create a collection of around 50 unique rings from one package of the resin. You should cure the gloss for about 15 minutes with UV lamp. 

EAN13: 038562066059
Package: 1 pcs
Pieces in package: 1 pcs

~ Larger quantities are sold accordingly to weighted average, and small differences in the number of pieces can occur +/- 5%


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More Info

How to use Magic-Glos™
Magic-Glos™ is a great substance which can be used for most surfaces. It doesn’t need any dams or sidewalls to contain it. On some surfaces Magic-Glos™ thicker and heavier layer of the Magic-Glos™ may pull away from edges. To avoid such a problem you can apply Magic-Glos™ in layers and cure it between them. Then, you will achieve a perfect round finish. It goes perfectly with glitter, dried flowers, beads, you will achieve shine and dimensional effects.
Features of Magic-Glos™ :
- one-step application, no need if special treatment such sealing, cleaning
- you can polish or sand MagicGlos™, it is great for matt and satin finishes
- applied to clay or metal and cured can be cured over and over again, you can apply large temperatures to the project
- can be molded in silicon molds
Magic-Glos™ dries in couple of minutes, under UV light to cure it quickly. It can dry in the sunlight or under fluorescent 40-Watt black light bulb. The gloss cures from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on its thickness and size. Adding inclusions and clouding may make it cure longer.
It is great to apply on textured surfaces which cannot be sanded or polished. It magnifies details and dimension.
Magic-Glos has little air bubbles. But you can remove them by passing a direct heat source like a butane torch or embossing gun a few times over the gloss very quickly. However you should remeber not to overheat it.
The substance doesn’t shrink, is terrific for protection of photos, foils, leaves, mozaics and other delicate surfaces.
Magic-Glos can be used as a transparent panel alone (sealing objects between two or more layers). Paper arts can be ideally sealed by it: photographic paper, regular paper and fabric should be sealed so as a waterproof barrier was created before Magic-Glos application.